Business Restructuring

Review your business

To maintain a competitive edge, a regular review of your business structure is good practice. Innovative restructuring covers a wide range of core components including

  • Ownership
  • Management
  • Vision
  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Product mix or service
  • Marketing strategy – digital platforms
  • Staffing/organisation structure
  • Accounting and payroll systems/finance
  • Networking/stakeholder communications
  • Cashflow, working capital and liquidity

All of these core components should be continually assessed in business and from time to time fundamental change may be required. Dunedin Advisory can assist with the review of the above and help you implement an action plan appropriate for your business.

Why is restructuring required?

Restructuring can be required for:

  • Planned change in ownership
  • Separation of business divisions or service lines into distinct business entities
  • Succession planning
  • Future protection from possible previous actions
  • Removal of non-profitable parts of the business and/or an exit from onerous commitments
  • Change in staff roles and responsibilities
  • Legislative changes impacting on your business/trade
  • Becoming investor ready
  • Improve business profitability
  • Implement continuous improvement and keep up-to-date with new technology/digital advances
  • Lead towards a future sale of your business
  • To incorporate an exit strategy

Restructuring is a healthy mechanism generally without any insolvency, however if any aspect of the business is insolvent, then a restructuring plan can include the use of a formal appointment in a positive manner.

Where we help you

Our team have extensive experience working with SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) business owners to support forward business planning, and implementation of the necessary actions.

If the structure of your business no longer suits your trading or shareholder aspirations or if you simply want to improve your business and you would like more information on the options leading to structural change, our team can:

  • Review your current business structure, financial commitments and ongoing trading requirements
  • Identify the options that may suit your requirements, setting out the advantages and actions required
  • Assist in the implementation of structural change
  • Support you communicating your strategy with key stakeholders

How we can help

We will help you assess your situation, explore your options, provide you with innovative solutions and advice to develop a robust action plan for you and your business. To arrange a free, no obligation consultation click here or call 01592 630085.

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