Welcome to Dunedin Advisory

At Dunedin advisory we specialise in the provision of expert business advice, growth and succession planning together with the restructuring and recovery of businesses.  We also support businesses facing insolvency and individuals with personal debt or creditor guarantees.  We work with our clients ensuring a workable solution is in place to move forward.  We take the strain, working through options and delivering clear advice to turn challenging financial situations into best outcomes.

Dunedin Advisory

Business Advisory Services

Your business may have reached a critical stage and support is needed to face a challenge

Corporate Restructuring Solutions

If you are looking to restructure a business, we can identify the options that exist for you.

Corporate Insolvency and Debt Solutions

There may be several solutions available to the company or there might just be one. It will depend on the financial circumstances of the business.

Personal Insolvency and Debt Solutions.

If you have run into personal financial difficulties, there are a number of debt solutions open to you. The best solution for you will, of course, depend on your own personal circumstances.