Business Advisory Services

Getting the right advice

Good quality business advice at an early stage can be hugely beneficial and make the difference between success and failure. We are professional business advisers and are business owners just like you – and your clients – so we know that good advice underpins success. If your business is facing challenges, the earlier you seek assistance or advice, the more options you will have available.



Expert Help – Specialist Business Advice

  • At a crossroads? Not sure which direction to follow – need assistance in setting a roadmap?
  • Improve efficiency in operational and financial management
  • Give new ideas and recommendations for improvement
  • Introduce you to reliable professionals and suppliers
  • Report on your performance, current strategic plan and risk assessment
  • Supporting your decision-making process – sharing ideas
  • Ensuring you have the correct tools in place for success
  • Succession planning
  • Need an independent business opinion or review?
  • Understanding how businesses are valued
  • Endorsing employee ownership trusts (EOT)
  • Business mentoring and coaching
  • And much more – all bespoke to your business

We support businesses with the above providing added value advice and support – giving you the correct advice at the right time to move forward effectively.

Safeguarding your business
  • Protecting your business and assets
  • Empowering your workforce
  • Supporting long-term plans and solutions
  • Predicting problems before they arise
  • Avoid pitfalls
  • Changing your business structure – becoming incorporated/setting up a group/changing ownership/splitting out the business into different entities

We have extensive experience advising business owners on business change and implementation of safeguarding measures to preserve and protect ongoing trade – we work with you and other professionals where necessary to ensure you identify the correct solutions for your business.

Facing business challenges
  • Banking facilities up for renewal
  • Boardroom disputes not resolving
  • New legislation and regulations requiring major capital spend
  • Leases not renewing
  • Long-term leases unable to get out of and no longer required
  • Cashflow problems
  • Higher interest rates and fixed-term commitments
  • Some accounts in arrears behind usual payment terms
  • Need to negotiate settlement terms with creditors
  • Suffered material bad debts causing business pressures
  • Require robust credit control measures and recovery of sums due
  • Unable to complete orders on time with supply issues
  • Suppliers threatening court action
  • Difficulty retaining and recruiting skilled personnel impacting business performance
  • Considering a business acquisition and not sure what due diligence is required
  • Looking at purchasing shares in a business
  • Wish to become investor ready for future investment or sale
  • Continual trading losses eroding value with unknown prospects
  • Wish to explore options to exit the business

Every business faces challenges at differing times – some which appear insurmountable and others that escalate into major issues.  Understanding how to deal with these effectively and the options available enables you to make the correct decisions and actions.  We have extensive experience working with businesses requiring added support to resolve these challenges.

How we help you

We offer all business owners a half day free of charge, no-obligation consultation.  Depending on location this can be onsite at your premises or an agreed external meeting venue.  We will help you assess your situation, explore your options, provide advice and develop a solution for you.

Contact us HERE to arrange an initial meeting.

Free Options Review

Get in touch with us for a free, confidential discussion about your situation and your possible next steps. Please call us on 01592 630085, email [email protected] or fill in the form below.

Get free debt advice

To find out more about managing your money and getting free debt advice, visit Money Advice Service. It’s an independent, free and impartial service set up to help people manage their money.

Their website provides advice and guides to help improve your finances. It also features tools, such as calculators, letter templates and videos, to help you keep track and plan ahead.

The Money Advice Service also offers support over the phone and online.